New Kickstarter for Kanji-learning game app


Ok, I don’t normally push Kickstarters very often, but this one seems really cool to me.

It’s called Kanjilicious, and it essentially gamifies learning kanji by having you compete online with friends for high scores while you memorize each character. Kanji learning, while not quite as impossible as some think it might be, is a chore due to how many you have to commit to memory. Even worse, there are hundreds you’ll probably never see or use.

I think programs like these are really useful for making the experience more enjoyable. If you’re interested in studying Japanese or are doing so currently, I think it might be worth it to look into this.

Please back this for my sanity as I continue trying to learn JLPT kanji.

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Fashion is coming

I have been googling to see if this is fake and so far all signs point to This Is A Real Thing That Has Happened

jon snow may not know a lot of things but he clearly knows about FASHION

I think that shirt is adorable and I want it